5 ways to show your support for your favourite rugby team

If you are already preparing for the 6 Nations Rugby Union Tournament 2009, or even for Rugby World Cup in 2011, then there may be some vital merchandise that you are missing out on. If you are your team’s biggest fan can you really afford to go without these blatant displays of your allegiance and devotion? If football supporters can stick flags out of their windows and paint their cars in their favourite team’s various colours then surely buying one of these simple items is the least you can do. From key rings to rugby shirts can you really go without?

Key Ring

So let us start off small. If you want to show your devotion to your team, and let others know that you are a rugby fan, but you don’t want to be too blatant; or if you don’t want strangers coming up to you in the street and saying ‘you’re alright mate, did you see the game last night, wasn’t it a blinder'; then a key ring could be right up your alley. What’s more if you’re strapped for cash they are ideal as they are cheap and make great gifts. An official crest metal key ring costs less than a fiver and will last forever (or at least as long as your passion for the game.) All the teams have one –get yours.

A Rugby Credit Card

Another surreptitious way of supporting your team, and yet offering more, is a Rugby Credit Card. These cards are fairly standard cards – 15.9% APR with 0% balance transfers for 12 month – but they do have your team’s fabulous design on the front and that’s the important thing! When you’re in the pub watching a game you can whip it out, buy a round and watch everyone else’s faces turn green with envy. Also you get some special Rugby related rewards such as discount on tickets and other merchandise.

Supporters Club Membership

A must have. If your favourite team is England then you can join the England Rugby Supporter’s club; other teams have similar clubs. As a member you get a membership pack, a magazine subscription and various other goodies.  Perhaps the most important thing though is access to your favourites team’s home and away match tickets at discount prices. Also there are various special offers for members at rugby stores throughout the country.  To take a look visit their website. The England’s supporter’s website is at www.rfu.com/ersc and other teams will have similar sites.

A Rugby Shirt

Now we come to the die-hard team paraphernalia – another must have item – the Rugby shirtRugby shirts come in all shapes and sizes and can be left in the cupboard to be worn at specific important times throughout the year or worn on a regular basis as a practical and, occasionally stylish, item of clothing. You can even wear it to work on your company’s dress down day if you wish. Rugby shirts are relatively cheap and can be ordered online through sites (such as Lovell Rugby).

Official Duvet Set

If you want to go one step further than the Rugby shirt, and if your wife (or children) will allow it, you can always buy your team’s official duvet set. Now you can even sleep wrapped up in your team’s colours and hopefully dream of your favourite player performing an awe-inspiring try. If you really want to immerse yourself in your team on a subconscious level this is the way to go.

Alternatively you could buy one for yourself in the guise of a present for your children. Then you can look at the beautiful design and know that your son, or daughter for that matter, is incubated in that glorious and radiant cover and is slowly evolving into a fanatical supporter like yourself. In this way you can convince yourself that you are altruistically helping to keep the sport alive for future generations.

How do you show support for your team?