Going Behind the Scenes of FREE iD, our FREE rugby boot personalisation service

Going Behind the Scenes of FREE iD, our FREE rugby boot personalisation service

In a first for Lovell Rugby we let the cameras in to exclusively share with you a behind the scenes look at what exactly goes into the making of our FREE iD rugby boot personalisation service.

Without intruding on the detailed personalisation process, our camera crew captured the process of how your order goes from being unwrapped out of their pristine box to being personalised adding that truly unique touch.

Of course it would be easy to assume that our rugby boot embroidery machines do the leg work but it is down to the experience of our in-house personalisation team to prepare the actual boots. Having personalised hundreds of thousands of boots over the years, they know the best location and colour combination for your boot iD.

We are sure that you will agree that our FREE iD personalisation service not only enhances the appearance of your rugby boots but gives you that professional look every time you step foot onto the field.

From professionals at club and international level to amateurs at grass roots, we take great pride and care in personalising rugby boots for everyone around the world so that you can grace the pitch in style.

Whilst the cameras were rolling, we caught up with our personalisation team for a quick Q & A session as they prepare themselves for another busy season ahead.

How many boots can you personalise in a day?

Each style of boot is completely different and so the personalisation time can vary. However, we have the capacity to personalise 200 – 300 pairs of boots per day.

Which football boots are the most popular for personalisation?

Nike and adidas football boots are always a popular choice and the new colour way releases always see an increase in personalisations.  Any adidas Predator boot is always in demand whilst the Nike Mercurial is great for personalising as the colours make for a truly stand out design.

How long does it take to personalise each pair of boots?

On average about five minutes although it depends on the number of characters and complexity of the boot.

How has boot personalisation changed with the evolution of the game?

Rather than having the name of their football heroes stitched on as was previously popular, more players now go for their own unique name and identity. Many players also like to have a commemorative touch added such as a birthday, age or name of a child to really stand out.

Now comes the time for lights, camera, action as we present Behind the Scenes with Lovell Rugby FREE iD.

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