Gold & Four Stars | Germany Winners Home Replica Football Shirt

July 13th 2014, a date of sporting history for Germany as they claimed the World Cup for a fourth time. Now almost a year on and fans of ‘Die Mannschaft’ can show off some notable new additions to the Germany football shirt.

Stars aren’t just handed out, you have to earn them and prior to Brazil the Germans still had three silver ones from their World Cup victories in 54, 74 & 90. Now with four, these will be a permanent reminder atop their jersey and for the next few years will also be joined by the prestigious gold FIFA World Champions 2014 badge.

It’s not just about the glory though as with any adidas and Germany partnership you can be assured of something special. White may be the prominent colour but the shades of red across the chest interpret the German flag in a striking effect. The back of the neck also sports ‘die Nationalmannschaft’ which simply translates as ‘the National’ and rather aptly is positioned above the elongated stripes of the German flag.



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