Lovell Rugby Reviews – Invictus

It is Unusual for us in the Office at Lovell Rugby to review a film rather than new products or a match. So when we heard about Invictus and the story of Nelson Mandella and the Springboks World Cup Win in 1995 at the Rugby World Cup in South Africa, we thought we would share our thoughts and as ever like to hear your thoughts.

A few of us from Lovell Rugby saw the Film on opening night on Friday. We were looking forward to the film, due to it being a mixture of Rugby and also Nelson Mandella’s reign as leader of South Africa. In addition the film had two big name stars with Morgan Freeman playing Nelson Mandella and Matt Damon playing South Africa Captain Francois Piennar.

Furthermore there was the chance to see the Bok’s retro 1995 world cup kit and training range made by Cotton Traders. Cotton Traders were allowed to remake the shirts for the film but unfortunately not allowed to retail the range much to are dismay!

Their were also some funny moments in the film where you can tell American film makers have produced the film, on one clear occasion the restart quite cleary does not go ten metres, yet play goes on and the opposition win the ball back.

Another interesting note Rugby shirt wise is when the Springbok emblem and colours are threatened to be dropped for the proteas emblem, which was mooted in 1994. The Proteas badge finally appeared last year with the new Springboks shirt was launched in 2009 for the British and Irish Lions tour.

Nelson Mandella over ruled the decision to drop the Springboks name helping unify the country.

Overall Lovell Rugby thought the film was fantastic and highly interesting with both Rugby and political/Social inserts about South Africa and Nelson Mandella’s leadership.

Here at Lovell Rugby we love hearing your feedback

What were your Views On the Film ?