Lovell Rugby Awards 2012 – Best Overall Rugby Boots

Lovell Rugby Awards 2012 – Best Overall Rugby Boots

Over the past twelve months, we have been treated to some truly high performance rugby boots gracing the field. All the leading brands have upped their game to create a bewildering array of footwear to suit all positions and abilities.

Having already featured our favourite rugby shirts of the year, we have saved the best until last as the Lovell Rugby team were locked in heavy discussions. So polish off your boots and have your speeches at the ready as this is the award you have all been looking forward to as we unveil our top rugby boots from 2012.

Adidas AdiZero RS7 Pro TRX SG

Adidas’s lightest ever rugby boot, the brand new Adidas AdiZero RS7 III Pro TRX SG Rugby Boot injects speed and agility onto the rugby field.

Launched following the success of their AdiZero football boots, the RS7 III model is made from a Sprint Skin Upper which is light, softer and stronger than all other synthetics. This sprint skin has been adapted to make it stronger than its football counterpart and able to cope with the physical demands of rugby.

To maintain a slim and minimal figure the RS7 has used a Sprint frame that is an incredible 50% lighter than all other regular TPU outsoles. Although light, strength and stability are not compromised with the midfoot support reducing injury risks through its hollow core construction.

Adidas Predator Incurza XT SG Rugby Boots

Taking to the rugby field is the latest edition of the highly successful Predator collection, the new Adidas Predator Incurza XT SG Rugby Boot.

For players of a wider fit then these boots have been expanded, putting them on level terms with the successful Powerswerve model. A subtle and innovative touch is the 3D Puff print on the inner heel, making the boot easier to break in and ensures that the boot will fit better by locking your foot in whilst preventing foot slippage. In addition, Adidas have introduced a 5mm heel wedge to help you  maintain a better running/striking position which helps reduce injury and strain on your lower limbs.

Compatible with the Adidas miCoach chip which fits discreetly beneath the inner sole, not included with this boot but available to purchase separately, your boots now have the ability to report back on all your progress in training and match environments. Time, speed, distance, speed zones and number of sprints are all recorded and can be monitored by simply connecting the miCoach chip to your PC or iPhone. There’s nowhere to hide now as your every move is monitored.

Asics Lethal Warno SG Rugby Boot

One of Australia’s finest exports, the Asics Lethal Warno SG Rugby Boot has made the long journey to grace our shores with power, speed and comfort in perfect harmony.

Featuring supremely soft kangaroo leather on the upper, wearers will experience instant comfort supported by great durability. Perfectly suited for positions 1 – 8, the Lethal Warno is enhanced by the Asics HG10mm (heel gradient) which is now common place in all their rugby boots as an innovative way of preventing injury by placing less stress on your foot during play.

Under the boot and features continue to flow with the inclusion of a new rugby traxion sole. This utilises a combination of eight standard screw-in studs, six across the forefoot and two at the heel, with the addition of two strategically placed moulded hybrid studs for optimum power when driving forward. At home on soft natural surfaces, the Lethal Warno makes light work of heavy and wet conditions making it the perfect choice to wear throughout the rugby season.

Mizuno Timaru Mid Cut Hard Toe SG Rugby Boots

Mizuno’s iconic rugby boot, the Mizuno Timaru Mid Cut Hard Toe SG not only has the look of traditional rugby footwear but also has the performance to boot.
Made from a soft, yet durable, full grain leather on the upper, users will notice a distinct and comfortable fit across the boot which has been created to specifically meet the demands of rugby play. Special features include a higher cut ankle support and protective hard toe, perfectly suited for physical forward play at the heart of the action.

Underneath the boot and the pebax outsole is light and flexible whilst the reinforced midfoot offers excellent power and traction for soft natural surfaces. The configuration of eight screw-in studs, six across the forefoot for power and two in the heel for stability, ensure optimum grip for players of all abilities.

X Blades Wild Thing FG Rugby Boot

When it comes to standing out on the rugby pitch, the X Blades Wild Thing FG Rugby Boot not only excels but unleashes a whole new breed.

Created from a microfibre and TPU reinforced mesh upper, the Wild Things effortlessly fuses support and stability with comfort and fit across the whole foot. A traditional central lacing system further enhances the overall fit whilst the cushioned heel allows them to be broken in easily.

With player performance and comfort paramount, X Blades have gone about creating a lightweight, flexible and water resistant inner board. This feature may not be visible but you will certainly feel the benefits when stepping out onto the rugby field.


So there we have it, 2012 may have ended but you can be assured that 2013 will herald even further advances on the rugby boot scene. Make sure you keep visiting Lovell Rugby for news and reviews of all the latest rugby boots throughout the year.

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