Lovell Rugby Interviews Ospreys and Ireland Winger Tommy Bowe (In Assocation With Kinetica)

Lovell Rugby Interviews Ospreys and Ireland Winger Tommy Bowe (In Assocation With Kinetica)

Tommy Bowe is one of the first names on the teamsheet for both club and country and this will more than likely be the case come the first Lions test next summer. His ability in both attack and defence make him one of the best wingers in the world.

His try scoring record for Ireland (24 tries in 49 appearances) shows how deadly he can be when he gets the ball in his hands. He is currently playing club rugby for the Ospreys but will return to Ulster at the end of the 2011/12 season.

We had the opportunity to ask Bowe a few questions about originally being at Ulster, his return to Ulster later this year and how he trains to be the elite athlete that he is. Check out what he had to say:

How are you feeling after your recent surgery?

I’m feeling good. I ended up in hospital a lot longer than I expected but so far the recovery is going well. Fingers crossed I will fit and fully recovered for the start of next season.

As a young rugby player in Ulster, who was your greatest inspiration?

My inspiration back as a young player was Paul Steinmetz and David humphreys, they were two senior players when I was a young guy in the squad who helped me along.

Exciting times Tommy, how does it feel to be returning home to Ulster next season?

Yes very exciting times ahead, I’m really looking to getting back to Belfast again and joining up with the Ulster boys. They’ve had a great season in the Heineken cup this year so hopefully I can make a contribution to the team next season.

What advice would you give to any budding young rugby player coming through now?

I would just tell them to keep practicing the core skills, catching, passing, kicking and just keep improving their hand eye coordination. It is easier to go in the gym and get stronger than it is to build up a good skill range and that could be the thing to set you apart from others.

What is your daily training week like?

In the Ospreys we normally train around 7 times on the pitch every week with 2 or 3 weights sessions. That would build us up to a game normally on a Saturday. Towards the end of the season the sessions are much shorter as players are all carrying small knocks and injuries from the long season.

What was the highlight of your career to date?

My highlights would be my first caps for Ireland, the British and Irish Lions and also being part of the team to win the Grand Slam with Ireland.

Given the heavy training demands of a pro rugby player, how important is the right nutrition and diet for you?

It is a key part to being a professional to be eating the right foods and looking after your body. Getting the right food into our bodies gives us the energy to perform to the peak of our performance.

What Kinetica products do use and why?

Pre-season I use alot of Oat Gain as I struggle to maintain weight, it’s a top class gainer with high proteins, good fats, cIean carbs and a blend of vitamins which is exactly what I need in a demanding pre-season. During the season I use a lot of the 100% recovery to help my body recover from tough weights sessions and matches, it’s a smashing product for aiding muscle soreness and overall repair, rapid recovery is extremely important for us mid-season as training and match demands are extreme. I also take Kinetica Omega 3, Multi-Vit and ZMA tablets for general health and to aid sleep recovery.

Thanks to Tommy for taking the time to answer our questions – you can view the full range of Kinetica product online at Lovell Rugby Here >>