Lovell Rugby Launches New Rugby Ball Range for 2009

Lovell Rugby Ball Range 2009

For 2009, Lovell Rugby has launched a brand new and improved Rugby Ball Range which is manufactured by one of the leading ball manufacturers in the world. 

The range is based upon the different levels in the ball market for Rugby including mini rugby balls, training rugby balls, match rugby balls and pro match rugby balls. In addition, the range incorporates all new names for the balls including, Wave, Challenger and Pro World. The balls are of an outstanding quality and are unbelievable value for money. The match balls incorporate all of the top details required of a great match ball. They are hand stitched using a top quality rubber for enhanced passing / handling and offer great flight and distance when kicked. Take a look here at the range and details of the balls;

The Wave Rugby Ball

This is a superb entry level ball by Lovell Rugby. The wave is a fantastic ball for its price making it ideal for training or a cheap match ball. Also available in fluorescent yellow making it a great training ball under floodlights and for extra vision in match. 

Challenger Rugby Ball

Lovell Rugby Challenger Rugby Ball

The mid range rugby match ball by Lovell Rugby. The challenger is a great match ball and is hand stitched using polyester/cotton construction using a rubber material for optimal handling and good flight and distance when kicked. In addition, the Challenger rugby ball boasts a seam placed valve giving the ball a greater sweet spot area when struck.

Available in two great colourways including white/blue/black and white/red/black.

This ball is great value for money and comes highly recommended by the many players who helped trial the ball during it’s production process.

Pro World Match Rugby Balls

Lovell Rugby Pro World Rugby Ball

The top range match ball by Lovell Rugby available in two new exciting colourways, featuring white/red/black and white/orange/grey. 

The ball is an amazing match ball which is hand stitched using a polyester/cotton construction. The challenger rugby ball also boasts the seam placed valve giving the ball a greater sweet spot area when struck. 

This ball is great value for money and would be ideal for clubs looking for great match balls at a great price. Highly recommended by players and coaches alike.

Have you ordered one of the new Lovell Rugby Balls? Let us know what you think?