Lovell Rugby Now stocking Maximuscle, the UK’S leading sports Nutrition Company

Founded in 1995 by founder Zef Eisenberg in 1995 Maximuscle boast the largest range in the sports nutrition field.

They create products for all sports but in the UK are considered the market leader for Rugby nutrition which is why Lovell Rugby has chosen to exclusively stock Maximuscle products. 

The Maximuscle products are also 100% safe and have been independently tested using a global first by 100% bath drug screening, combined with world class manufacturing giving you a product you can trust.

The products are designed with specific goals in mind from running faster and longer, being stronger and more powerful in sport and getting bigger biceps, broader shoulders or burning fat. All Maximuscle formulas are designed to help you get better results fast from an informed diet and exercise

Maximuscle in addition to this prode themselves in their sponsorship of that enhances their credentials and reputation, thus reassuring consumers. 

Both in Rugby Union and Rugby League they sponsor a wide range of teams and players including;

Bath Rugby

Leeds Carnegie

London Irish

London Wasps


Josh Lewsey- London Wasps, England and British and Irish Lions

Magnus Lund- Biarritz and England

Delon Armitage- London Irish and England

Gavin Henson- Ospreys, Wales and British and Irish Lions

Gavin Henson

The range Includes;


Maximuscle’s Promax adds extra protein to your diet, which is vital for building muscle, especially for people who train with weights on a regular basis. Protein is also essential whilst dieting to reduce the loss of muscle tissue. Promax is the UK’s leading protein powder, thanks to its taste, mixing and benefits it offers all gym and sports users. Ideal for players looking to increase size, lookinf to become more lean or general health.


If you’re looking for a high quality weight gain drink, packed with whey protein and the healthy calories you need to bulk up and add size, you’ll love Maximuscle’s Progain. The weight gain product, Progain™, offers you a special whey protein and complex carbohydrate blend, including the special low Glycemic Oligofructose (nutriose) and inulin slow release carbohydrates, giving you a combination of fast nutrient uptake and sustained energy release with an easy to digest, but energy dense 453 calories per serving. Ideal for players looking to increase size and strength on the pitch.


Maximuscle’s Cyclone™ is a superb product that delivers results felt within seven days. It supplies your body with a unique combination of whey protein and vital nutrients needed by your body to support muscle growth, strength and recovery while training hard. After intense training, Cyclone™ accelerates muscle refuelling, with faster recovery of glycogen stores than carbohydrates alone.

For more information and to view the product range please visit the Nutrition Section at Lovell Rugby