Lovell Rugby Product Review: Adidas F50 Adi Zero Rugby Boots

Lovell Rugby Product Review - Adidas F50 Adi Zero Rugby Boots

Today we have chosen to take a look at Adidas’s Brand new Speed Boot- the Adi Zero. The Boot which was unveiled earliar this month will take over from the Current F50 Model. The F50 made waves in the boot market 4 years ago when Adidas launched the boot with the concept of changing your sole plate from Firm ground to Soft ground. Adidas have now moved totally away from this and are focussing are on the wight of the boot. They have done this by going back to having one sole plate- eg firm ground for hard ground and Metal studs for soft ground. The Adi Zero is now the lightest boot in the Market. Weighing in at an impressive 175 grams!.

We have had the samples in the office and we were amazed how light the boots are. In addition the soft but light K-Leather makes the boots extremley comfortable.

Adidas have also features a new Firm Ground (FG) sole plate, benefiting from triangular Traxion studs, highly recommended for natural firmer or drier playing surfaces. They have brought this in for optimal turning and twisting ability.

Expect to see these boots on Players such as Brian Habbana of the Springboks and Maa Nonu of the All Blacks in the near future.

As ever we love to hear your feedback- Whats your thoughts on the boots?

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