Lovell Rugby Reviews Adidas Adipure Flanker Rugby Boots

Lovell Rugby can now show exclusive First images of the new Adidas Adipure Flanker. The new Adipure  Rugby Boots, which is the boot that has taken over from the prevous Flanker.

Adidas have completely revamped the boot in terms of look, fit and performance. Adidas have worked massively with their key players Like Brad Thorn, Andrew Sheridan,Paul O,Connell, and John Smit.

Adidas have worked hard with their sponsored players in order to revamp the best seeling Rugby forward boot on the market. The main feedback Adidas recieved from talking to their sponsored players, was that the boots were to heavy. Adidas reacted to this by making the boot 12% lighter than the prevous model, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Offering Excellent grip in the scrum with an 8 studded outsole and New shield protection on a wide boot for stronger players.

Adidas have again made the boot an Extra Wide Fit again. The leather used Has also been changed. Adidas are now using a Super League Leather which is a tougher leather to help provide more forefoot support for those in the scrums.

A Synthetic Print on the heel lining to help prevent heel slippage. This has been implemented to make the boot easier to break in and for increased comfort.

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