Lovell Rugby Sponsors Torquay Athletic Under 16’s Rugby Team

Grass roots Rugby is a massive part of the game not just in the UK but worldwide providing not only a constant flow of players but more importantly a chance for kids to play rugby.

Most players would have played on Sunday morning up to under 16’s when after that they then join their club ‘colts’ and then hopefully carry on to Senior Rugby.

Here at Lovell Rugby we get lots of Offers for sponsorship which we unfortunately cannot always fulfill. However, here is one we have for our local Torquay Athletic Under 16’s.

Torquay Under 16 Head Coach Chris Pickford comments, ‘The Tics under 16’s are a resilient lot who, not being the most capable, still play with the passion required and with smiles on their faces. They do not attack each other either physically or verbally when mistakes are made, as that would be against the ethos that I, and my fellow coaches have instilled into them’.

Chris continues, ‘They are going on tour in April to Loret-de-mar for a week, with two matches booked in and plenty of sangria no doubt. It is the only tour that they’ve been on and we have been fund raising for approximately three years now. Other clubs have had annual local tours but we decided to do it once and do it big!’

‘The boys have raised money by raffles, waiting on tables, barbecues (although not at the moment), and bag packing at Sainsbury’s.’

‘With a squad of 25 in total trying to keep them all happy can be a bit of a struggle, but it’s worth it.’

‘I’ve coached them now since they were under 9’s and have been head coach since under 10’s. We have 5 coaches in total now including the ex barbarian John Widdecombe who currently picks the team.’

‘Every team that we play says that we have the best team spirit of any team, a compliment that I am extremely proud.’

Lovell Rugby wishes the lads the best of Luck with the rest of their season and hopes they have a great Tour!