Power Balance Band’s Spotted In Autumn Internationals

In the last couple of Weeks at Lovell Rugby we have had quite a few emails from Customers asking what Matt Banahan was wearing around his wrist for England against Samoa. He was wearing a Yellow Power Balance Band.

The Power Balance company which recently got mass press attention when Former England Football Captain David Beckham was spotted wearing one. Since then a host of Sportsmen and Women have been spotted in them, in their respective sports. Also spotted performing brilliantly for his country wearing one on the weekend was the Wallabies inside Centre Berrick Barnes (Who Wears Gilbert Headgear). Barnes kicked 22 Points against Italy last week.

The Bands which are seen as a fashionable silicone wristband comes equipped with two, visible Power Balance holograms.

The 3mm thick wristband is made from 100% Surgical Grade Silicone that is extremely durable, featuring a 40% stretch feature for extra stretch over the hands.

The main theory behind the Power Balance is a performance technology that uses holograms embedded with frequencies that react positively with your body’s natural energy field.
The benefits of Power Balance’s performance who report having experienced excellent balance, strength and flexibility when wearing the product.