Ditch Distractions - adidas AlphaSkin

February 05, 2018

When the opposition hoist a kick in his direction, Mike Brown knows that any lapse in concentration could prove to be costly.

And whilst he┬áspends hours on the training field each week practising for this scenario, nothing will quite prepare him for the additional pressure of a game day. Whether it be the distance between himself and the opposition that are bearing down on him or the angle at which the sun is hitting his eyes, Brown must ignore these distractions, claim the ball and start the attack. To help him keep focus, the full-back wears AlphaSkin – adidas’ latest base layer technology.

With high compression meeting flat seams, AlphaSkin offers a distraction-free fit and locked-in feel. It’s kinetic wrapped construction offers the wearer a full freedom of movement, whilst the inclusion of Climachill will keep you cool and dry in the hottest weather.

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