Lovell Rugby chats to... Jack Yeandle

February 14, 2018

After lifting the Aviva Premiership trophy in May of last year, it seems that Jack Yeandle and his Exeter Chiefs teammates have no intentions of letting the trophy go anytime soon.

The Chiefs skipper is quietly confident of their chances going into the back-end of the season, and the intention is clearly there to do it all over again in 2018. We recently caught up with hooker Yeandle to talk about the teams chances of going ‘back-to-back’ and how important team spirit is to their challenge, as well as find out a bit more about his love for reality television.

You guys are currently sitting top of the Premiership. Do you feel the pressure when you are at the top or do the guys thrive on that pressure?

I wouldn’t say it’s either really, but we are now very much aware that we are the team to beat out there. It’s good to feel pressure in a way because it’s nice to know that teams are coming after you, but with that you have to be respectful of other teams in that you go flat out and make sure you as a team are giving 100%. If you give another team a sniff or a hint that they can win, particularly when it’s against the defending champions, they will go harder and harder – particularly if they have nothing to lose.

Exeter are being tipped to win ‘back-to-back’ titles. Has there been much talk about this amongst the players and coaches?

I think it’s important to aim high, particularly once you’ve tasted that success you want more. What’s most important is realising how much it took to achieve it and how much we have to give to achieve it again. That’s probably what is talked about the most; being prepared to go that hard and put that much emotion and energy into each target to reach the end goal.

You captained Exeter in their first ever Premiership winning season. Has it fully sunk in yet?

Steeno was actually captain on the day of the final but thank you…haha but it’s kind of sunk in. In a way you almost have to put it past you and keep aiming to do it again. It was a pretty immense thing to achieve. Would help sink in even better if we did it again.

“The bits you don’t see behind closed doors and off the pitch are probably the best bit about rugby.”

The team spirit amongst the Chiefs players always seems to be very high. What would you put that down to?

The culture at the club is a very special one – it can be ruthless, it can be caring. We make sure we celebrate things together and that helps us on the pitch, as you go harder for the boys around you. The bits you don’t see behind closed doors and off the pitch are probably the best bit about rugby.

In October you reached 100 Premiership games. As a local lad, what did it mean to you to get to that milestone?

Was great to hit 100 Prem games, something if I’m honest I didn’t even picture when I first came on the scene. Oddly we only count Prem games so it takes a bit longer than other clubs to rack up the appearances. It really meant a lot to get there. Having family and friends there always makes it that extra bit special.

“…that guy is on a tight budget he can’t afford to be buying walkie talkies!”

We were doing some Instagram stalking and we see that you’ve recently been verified with a blue tick. Have you done anything differently since you became #InstaFamous?

Got a follow from Lovell Rugby…finally 👀

You live next door to Jack Nowell. Do you guys have walkie-talkies?

I don’t live next door to Jack Nowell, he lives next door to me! Just your basic cup on a string, simple but effective. Plus that guy is on a tight budget he can’t afford to be buying walkie talkies!👀

We understand that you’re a fan of reality TV. Are you currently watching any shows and if you had to pick a favourite, which one would it be?

‘Love Island’ was right up there! Jarryd from Lovell Rugby only started watching it because I was and then processed to message me about it every night! He didn’t really know what he was talking about but it was cute that he wanted to join in. Since then I’ve dabbled I’m in ‘I’m a Celeb’ as Ant and Dec are a dashing duo but nothing has really caught my fancy since. I tried ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ but I barely knew anyone!

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