Lovell Rugby chats to… Josh Charnley

March 22, 2018

He left Wigan Warriors in 2016 with 146 Super League tries to his name, and now Josh Charnley is back and eager to get stuck in at Warrington Wolves.

His new fans don’t have the fondest of memories when they think about him, with his last last try for Wigan being the Grand Final winner against Warrington 18 months ago, but we’re sure they’ll soon forgive him when he starts running them in at the Halliwell Jones Stadium. We caught up with Charnley this week to chat about his return and his time in Union, as well as to get his thoughts on Nike’s latest Mercurial Superfly. Here’s what he had to say…

You’re back in Rugby League with Warrington Wolves. Are you excited about your return?

Yeah of course. Being away from it I found that I missed it a little bit. Before I moved to Sale I never sat down and watched Rugby League, but after signing I found myself watching it near-enough all the time. I’m glad to be back in the sport.

You played Union for 18 months with the Sale Sharks. Did you enjoy your time at the club and in the sport?

I really enjoyed my time with Sale; I knew it was going to be a challenge and that I was going to have to put everything into it, and can walk away now knowing that I gave it my all. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out for me so I had to bite the bullet and think about my future. I wanted to play week-in-week-out as the only way I’d get better in Union is by playing all the time, but being in and out every other week just didn’t help me to build my confidence in the game so I had to sit down and think “Right, I’ve given this my all and it’s just not working out. What’s next for me?”.

Was the plan always for you to return to League at some point?

It wasn’t to be honest with you, as I believed that I’d do alright in Union. I’ve always been one for setting goals and targets, and it was no different when I made the move. Season one was to play a few games in the few months that were left, season two was to play consistently and season three was to be first-choice winger. But in Marland, Denny and Byron they’ve got three internationals for two spots, making it hard for me to get ahead of them.

It’s early days yet, but is getting back into an England shirt a personal goal you’ve set yourself?

It’s always good to put that jersey on and represent your country; it’s one of the highest achievements you can get and it’s what the big aim is at the end of the day. My aim for now though, over the next 3-4 weeks, is to get into the Warrington team and be as good as I can be. If I achieve this and get the phone call off England then I’ll be buzzing! My main goal for now though is to knuckle down and help my new team through the busy Easter schedule.

Do you think you’ll have any struggles adapting back to League?

I had my first training session with Warrington this week where we went ‘scrimmage’, which is 13 on 13, and I fitted in alright there. I’ll admit that on my first place of the ball I acted like I was presenting it back which all the boys saw the funny side of, but after that it was just like second nature to me.

“I’d be a pike – they’re quite fierce and have got big teeth.”

We know you’re big into your fishing, but what we want to know is… If you could be a fish, what fish would you be and why?

I’d be a pike – they’re quite fierce and have got big teeth.

You’ve recently taken delivery of the new Nike Mercurial Superfly VI from Lovell Rugby. What are your first thoughts on the new boot?

I like them very much! They’re a good fit and don’t come up as high as the previous Superfly which is ideal in my opinion. I’m a big fan of them and the bright colourway will certainly make me stand out – it should help people that are looking out for me on the pitch!

Josh will kick off his Warrington Wolves career in the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI, which are available now at Lovell Rugby. Get yours here.

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