The Offload’s Kit Bag Essentials for Props

March 14, 2018

Life in the front row can be a tough one, and for that reason we believe that props and hookers should never be afraid to treat themselves.

On a matchday, the contents of their kit bags are likely to contain the essentials such as boots, shorts, socks and a mouth guard, but what could they add to it in order to give them an edge out on the field? Well here at The Offload we’ve picked out a handful of products from Lovell Rugby that we believe can help turn you into a scrum-dominating, ball-carrying machine.

Soft Ground 8 Stud Rugby Boots

To get an upper hand on your opposite man at scrum-time, a pair of 8 stud rugby boots are key. The additional 2 studs on each boot will give you improved stability and support when you’re ‘locking horns’ with the opposition front row and will hopefully help you force the occasional scrum penalty. The adidas Kakari X Kevlar is the boot of choice for England’s Mako Vunipola, whilst his international teammate Dan Cole opts for the ASICS Tiger Rug EX-JP2 on matchdays. Other popular choices include Mizuno’s Waitangi silo and their Morelia Neo with an 8-stud configuration.

Replacement Studs

Sticking to footwear and we believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your boots and for that reason we always suggest having a spare set of studs in the side pocket of your kit bag. Whether you wear 18mm, 21mm or even the new innovate Profiler studs from Smartpower, it’s always worth having a couple to call on should the worst happen.

Grip Socks

Continuing down at the lower part of your body and what we’re seeing more and more props wearing nowadays are grip socks. Whether it’s a pair of Trusox or Atak Sports Non Slip Socks, these are becoming a kit bag essential for the likes of Kyle Sinckler, Joe Marler and Rob Evans. But what makes the socks so special you may ask? Well the answer is that they feature strategically placed pads of grip, designed to firmly lock your feet in place and reduce the chances of slipping.

Base Layer Shorts

For anyone that’s been the cornerstone of the pack, you’ll know that there are hands everywhere from the moment you bind up until the point that the ball is away, so having a pair of base layer shorts should help keep you all in one place. Often referred to as ‘under shorts’, these are available in a variety of lengths; from Under Armour’s Boxerjock to SKINS’ Compression Half Tights. An additional benefit of the latter is that they boost blood circulation, which in turn helps supply more oxygen to your quads, hamstrings and adductors.

Head Guard or Tape

If you go in a clubhouse on a Saturday afternoon, you can often spot the ex-front row forwards in the crowd by their ‘Cauliflower Ear’. Nowadays players either opt for a head guard or the more traditional option of tape around the head in order to keep their ears pinned down and hopefully reduce the chances of a trip to the doctors to have their ears drained. One of the most popular ‘scrum caps’ on the market would be the Canterbury Ventilator, thanks to its solid protection and secure fit. For the ‘tapers’ out there, you’ll need a roll of adhesive bandage combined with sock tape.

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