Unleash Defeat - adidas Elements Pack

November 07, 2016

The temperature’s dropped and the weather’s turned, so prepare to battle both the opposition and the elements on game days.

And whilst they can’t assist the forwards when it comes to catching a wet ball or prevent the backs hairstyle’s being blown out of place, adidas Rugby can ensure that you take to the field in style this winter. Inspired by earth, fire, ice and wind, the Elements Pack looked the part as the boots made their on-pitch debut at the weekend. We’ve taken a closer look at the four new colourways and how they’ll help your game during what is bound to be another wet and windy winter.

Kakari Force & adipower Kakari ‘Earth’

Sodden pitches will see front fives put to the test when referees call “Crouch-Bind-Set” over the coming months, but these conditions should see the Kakari Force and adipower Kakari come into their element at scrum-time. Built to provide dominant traction, both boots feature a 6-4 stud configuration and a 10mm heel rise so it’ll take something special to shift any props, hookers and locks wearing the new ‘Earth’ inspired colourway.

Kakari Light ‘Fire’

A wet ball generally results in a loose ball, so it’ll be on the more nibble second rowers and powerful back rowers to be the first to anything on the floor this winter. These players require a boot that balances control and speed, and the Kakari Light certainly does just that. ‘Fire’ is where adidas have looked to for inspiration on this one and it’s no surprise when you’re providing for players that look to rip through the opposition at every opportunity.

Predator Malice ‘Ice’

Your decision makers and playmakers need to be cool, calm and collected when they take to the field, making ‘Ice’ a perfect match for these particular players. Players wearing #9, #10 & #15 regularly have to put boot to ball, and for this reason adidas have given the boot an symmetrical lacing system for a larger striking area. All these deadly kicks will leave the opposition shivering whenever they see the ball go up in the air.

adizero Malice & Crazyquick Malice ‘Wind’

Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile (and probably 5 points), the speedsters in the back line quite literally run like the wind at times. Whether they’re flying past your face or swirling around you, these players can be gone before you know it. The adizero Malice and Crazyquick Malice were designed with speed in mind, resulting in lightweight boots that provide the grip and foot positioning needed to hit top speed in no time.

The adidas Elements Pack is available for pre-order now
at Lovell Rugby.

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