Taking Care of Your Rugby Boots

Taking Care of Your Rugby Boots

Here at Lovell Rugby we share your passion for the game and know exactly how important your rugby boots are to perform week in week out, whether on the training ground or in match situations.

As we herald in the new year, no doubt many of you will have been treated to or treated yourself over the festive period to a new pair of boots to take to the field in 2014. With that in mind and to help get the best performance from your prized assets, our own team have created a simple guide to looking after your rugby boots.


Prior to any play, whether social or competitive, you should always ensure that your studs are tight. Spending just a minute going over both boots with a stud key will instantly identify any lose studs and save time hunting for lost studs once you start playing. Lost or loose studs equate to less grip and traction over natural soft surfaces so its essential they are all firmly in place to begin with.

Many of our rugby boots come complete with their own key studs to carry out your own checks before play. If you should lose any studs then we also sell replacement studs so that you are not out of action for long.

During the Game

If you notice any irregularities during play then if you can stop immediately to check over your boots. If it is a case of a loose stud then this can easily be rectified by tightening up but anything more damaging and action should be taken.


Think like a professional rugby player and look after your rugby boots from the moment the final whistle blows. Naturally, there is always the temptation to simply leave your footwear until next time but this does much more harm than good. Take pride in a clean pair of rugby boots as not only will they give you the added confidence to go out and perform but more importantly a well maintained and looked after pair of boots will last a whole lot longer.

As soon as you can after play, remove dirt with a warm damp cloth or soft brush across the upper and sole. If you leave dirty footwear in a bag for any excessive amount of time this can lead to the stitches rotting and mould forming, which ultimately leads to bad odour that is very tough to remove.

Once cleaned then ideally stuff with newspaper and leave your footwear to dry naturally at room temperature. If you leave your footwear beside the fire or around unnatural temperatures then this results in the material hardening. After drying completely you can then assess the condition of your boots and apply any treatment if necessary.

Scuffs and blemishes on your rugby boots and trainers are all part and parcel of regular play so don’t be alarmed if you notice any signs of this. We offer a range of products to help keep your footwear in top condition and performing to the best of their ability. Choose from leather colouring, boot dubbin, cream and laces.

A small detail which is often overlooked concerns the laces as these need to be untied when not in use. If left to go hard this will ultimately lead to fraying and snapped laces the next time you try to pull them tight.

If you are sporting soft high performance leather boots then occasionally it will seem as though the leather is coming away from the sole plate. This is caused by movement between the two materials, hard against soft, and will not impact your play or the performance of the boot.


It is important to remember that different surfaces require specific sole types and you should only use rugby boots and trainers on the pitch they are intended for. Just as their name suggests, SG (soft ground) boots are designed specifically for play on soft natural surfaces whereas FG (firm ground) footwear makes the most of natural firm ground pitches and AG (artificial grass) is for play on artificial surfaces. By using the wrong studs for their intended use you are not only damaging the boot itself but also risking injury to yourself. If you are unsure then take a look at our detailed product description which will explain exactly what surface the footwear has been designed for.

Faulty / Defective Footwear

If the manufactures recommended cleaning instructions are followed and the product has been used for its intended purpose, generally almost all faults will appear within the first 3 months after purchase. For this reason you may return any faulty item up to 3 months after the date of purchase. This product will then be professionally inspected for any faults of manufacture to see if this can be rectified by ourselves and a judgement made. If the damage to the product is deemed accidental damage/wear and tear, the product will be returned to the customer. If the inspection reveals any fault of manufacture then the product will be exchanged for new replacement product – or fully refunded. If a product is deemed faulty, we will re-reimburse you with reasonable costs of your return shipping charge if you include a receipt.

Please note: all faulty goods must be clean, dry and free from dirt and mud; we will not process any return we deem to be too dirty or wet.

Remember that if you look after your rugby boots and trainers then they will look after you.

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