Back in the early 80s, when New Balance first released a collection of football boots, players didn’t have the choice of luxury materials and performance enhancing technology. It was all about the natural feel and touch of leather against the ball.

Among the dizzying array of boots in the modern game, there’s always room for a timeless classic for players who value substance over looks. New Balance acknowledge this and as a company who have seen trends come and go, they have embraced their heritage with the Visaro Pro K Leather.

Having taken a more back-seat role in the launch of the Visaro, it’s time to focus on a boot that’s sure to be welcomed by the purists….

Treated to supple k-leather, trust us in that this delivers fantastic soft comfort that your feet will feel right at home in and you won’t want to hear the final whistle. While New Balance could have quite easily finished the job there, a neat touch is that of the Low Pressure Zone over the instep for instant control for when you’re under pressure.

Inside the Visaro and a suede-like feel to the sculptured ankle and heel padding brings a sense of luxurious comfort while the Fixed Fresh Insole provides superior cushioning. Neat touches that show how New Balance have taken care of every detail so you can focus on the game.

Available as a SG and FG model, the Super-Flex sole plate has been engineered for exceptional ground contact. The spread of triangular shaped studs (9 in total) run along the side and under the heel while four rounded ones create the Medial Pivot Zone for quick turns to evade opponents.


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