XBlades Now Available at Lovell Rugby

XBlades Now Available at Lovell Rugby

If you are based in the UK and watch the NRL or Super League then you may have noticed that a large number of players wear a brand of boot which you do not recognise. This is more than likely going to be XBlades. The Australian brand was established in 1989 and were the first brand to develop a bladed outsole. All other major brands have tried to copy the patented sole design, however have all been unable to achieve the same level of performance and protection that a pair of XBlades boots offer. In the past decade XBlades has gone from a small Australian brand to a high performance all Australian football boot company which produces revolutionary boots for some of the biggest athletes in rugby league, rugby union and AFL.

The brand are the original inventors of the Dual Density Sole System in a football boot. This allows for maximum flexibility in the fore-foot to increase performance and keeps rigidity in the rear-foot, where support is needed to reduce the prospect of injury.
As mentioned before, they also have patented blade angles that maximise grip and allow for an easy release to help prevent injury when too much strain is encountered.

We will be initially stocking four styles for the XBlades range; Legend Elite, Legend Sleek, Sniper Elite and Wild Thing. See below for a bit of information on each boot.

Legend Elite

Available in: White/Silver & White/Gold

XBlades Legend Elite Boots available at Lovell Rugby

This boot represents the perfect mix of traditional styling, the latest in performance technology and the finest of materials. The Bionic sole lets you rip up the turf, the kangaroo leather is the strongest and softest on earth, and the boot design has become a classic.

Legend Sleek

Available in: White/Black/Yellow

XBlades Legend Sleek Boots at Lovell Rugby

The Sleek is a new addition to the Legend range sporting a new teal X and featuring a comfortable leather upper. This is one of the only boot that XBlades have manufactured with a SG sole plate makes them ideal for wet conditions.

Sniper Elite

Available in: Black/Green

XBlades Sniper Elite Boots at Lovell Rugby

XBlades have not missed the target with this boot. The Sniper is a powerful blend of stylish design and pure functionality. The Kangaroo Leather upper is complimented by TPU Spring Injection panels to increase kicking power and accuracy. This concealed lace boot sits on the famous Blades Bionic sole system to provide the best in performance and comfort.

Wild Thing

Available in: Blue/Black & Yellow/Red

XBlades Wild Thing Boots at Lovell Rugby

The X-Blades Wild Thing forefoot has raised print design, with a unique rubber moulding application for better grip on the ball. The instep is a microfibre panel which has the moulded rubber application which assists with ball control. It also has a lightweight mess heal support.